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FUZZ EVIL IS a chug-heavy band that tames the fuzziest guitar and bass tones on the planet and wields them to blast a monolithic speaker-ripping fuzzpocalypse for your ears and soul. The tracks are raw and dirty in ‘The Stooges-like’ fashion with soaring soulful vocals.


“While other Sierra Vista bands have sprung up in recent years, none has come close to challenging Powered Wig Machine as our fair city’s pre-eminent rock band. And much like The Blob, or worms that double in identity when severed, brothers Joey and Wayne Rudell are only increasing in their dominion.”

Matt Hickman - Sierra Vista Herald

“The bass is grooving, the drums are rockin', and the riffs are solid, surrounded (as their name suggest) by some beautiful fuzz. Ask me if I want more Fuzz Evil, and I'll reply: yes, please!”

Randy Beach - Doomed & Stoned

“Glitterbones feeling like one huge jam session. It’s great for cruising, loving, writing, thinking- just whatever you need an excellent, spacious, hefty rock song for. Perfect place to start with these guys”

Hunter Young -

“Fuzz Evil's side of the split starts off with a very heavy sounding bass guitar lead before adding in some heavy and melodic 70's style doom metal riffs along with some clean singing vocals and the song has a very retro orientated feeling along with a more modern day production and dark lyrics and the guitar leads mixed in with the psychedelic sounds add up to the stoner vibe of the track.”

OccultBlackMetal - Extreme Underground Music Zine

“They make good on their name in the fuzzy morass of “Glitterbones”. Sounding raw but rocking, they put a riff-centric spin on desert rock, serving up something heavier than the usual fare tagged under that genre.”

Gabriel - Ride with the Devil: Bones and Stones

“Normally I don't get too excited about singles; however the latest offering via gorgeous 7-inch split between Fuzz Evil and Chiefs is a fuzz rocker’s dream come true. Fuzz Evil displays an impressive rock and roll output containing all the elements of stoner, blues, desert and classic rock”

The Huntsman - The Ripple Effect

““Glitterbones” as a swagger and hook reminiscent of early Queens of the Stone Age, played up with some falsetto vocals, and true to their name, some vicious fuzz.”

HP Taskmaster - The Obelisk

“Brothers Wayne Rudell on vocals and guitar, and Joey Rudell on bass, ventured into a side project with a band called Fuzz Evil. Ever-aware of sub-genres and the endless adjectives they afford, the brothers drifted from the “prog rock” sounds of PWM to partner with Marlin Tuttle to form a three-piece power rock outfit they describe as “chug-heavy 3-piece that tames the fuzziest guitar and bass tones on the planet and wields them to blast a monolithic speaker-ripping fuzzapocalpse for your ears and soul. Raw and dirty in ‘Stooges-like’ fashion with soaring soulful vocals.” This fall Fuzz Evil is partnering with a band out of San Diego called CHIEFS, and a collaborative album is expected this fall.”

Matt Hickman - Sierra Vista Herald


From Left to Right:
Drums: Cajun: Kenneth (Cajun) Adam

Baritone Guitars: Preston Jennings 

Guitars/Vocals: Wayne Rudell

Bass/BG Vocals: Joseph Rudell

Previous Drummers:
Orgo Martinez (High on You)

Daniel Graves (Second Coming of Heavy)

Marlin Tuttle (Fuzz Evil - Self titled)

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