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2018 - High on You Recorded at Studio 606

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Highlights from Recording with Engineer/Producer Paul Fig at Studio 606

Fuzz Evil High on You

Late in 2017, we reached out to Mr. Paul Fig, to see if he would be interested in working with us. It just so happened that Paul had availability to work with us early in 2018. The fun part about this situation was that we didn't have an album written yet. In about November 2017, we started writing the High on You album. We spent a lot of time in our home studio, putting songs together, writing, rewriting, and scrapping, until we had the tracks together to work with Paul.

It was in Feb or March that we drove out to California to work with Paul. Recording at the iconic Studio 606 was a blast. Below is a video we previously put together a where we discuss the experience including pictures and videos of the adventure.

Working with Paul was a blast. He really forced the best out of the songs for this album. He is also hilarious and very easy to work with, which was really nice, considering we recorded this whole album over a week of working 10-12 hour days. We look forward to working with Paul again in the future!

Paul Fig also wrote a blog about the experience. You can read it here:

Here's a nice little excerpt from Paul's blog:

Robert Pasbani of Metal Injection says, “Fuzz Evil have been doing one thing since their formation in 2014- bringing sweet jams to the masses. We are pumped to showcase the opening track “Get it Together” which features some sweet licks and an epic solo that will make you feel like you are on a rocket on another planet”

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