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Fuzz Evil Release Lyric Video for "Heavy Glow"!

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

We released the lyric video for "Heavy Glow" today! Go watch it Below!!

It's been almost two years since we released our last single, "Better off Alone Redux," in 2020. It seems like time has really sped up after Covid. Joey and I sat down and came up with a list of everything we wanted to accomplish with this new record. I felt we really pushed ourselves creatively, and this new record, sonically, is really something.

There are so many harmonizing bass, guitar, and baritone guitar tracks which create this canvas of dynamic fuzz in "Heavy Glow." This song started out as something Joey recorded while messing around with two basses.

who have killer textured low fuzz tones.

Joey didn't really think much of the riff until I came up with this bad ass melody for it. He started laying tracks, and "Heavy Glow" became a real banger. We tested the record early for marketing with some of our close friends and they all felt "Heavy Glow" was one of the top three tracks on this record.

Here is the Spotify link, if you want to hear our new single!

Cheers Guys!

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