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Happy Pedal Monday! Today's Pedal is The Death By Audio's Echo Dream 2

First off let me tell you there are not more crazy pedal builders than Death by Audio. The ensemble of wild modulations pedals and fuzzs make these guys at the top of my list of pedals I want, love, and use. So the Echo Dream 2 pedal does it all it in sense it can play fuzz, delay, and modulation in one pedal. We just recently added a second guitarist and This pedal would be great to get all the trippy layered effects we love to use in our songs over thick fuzz. I definitely may give this to our other guitarist. Here is what Death By Audio had to say about it "A powerful, ethereal, and nuanced delay pedal with otherworldly controls. Push the feedback for vast worlds of colorful sound. Introduce a bit of warble with the modulator for ghastly chorus tones, or a ton of it to absolutely warp the delayed signal. Once your delay is thoroughly contorted, turn up the fuzz and pulverize it into repeating, shattered pieces. This is the preferred echo for recording engineers and touring pros around the world because, simply put, it just sounds that good. From delicate, beautiful sounds to yawning voids of fuzz and feedback, the Echo Dream II is ready to transform anything you throw at it" If you wanna hear what it can do go listen to it here>>>>>>

Wayne Rudell

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