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Happy Pedal Monday! Today's Pedal is The EarthQuaker Devices Rainbow Machine

First off let me say this pedal is absolutely wild! I end of hearing a demo of it and immediately decided I needed this chaos in my life. We actually used this pedal alot on our new record "New Blood" out Sept 8 (haha shameless plug). You can really hear it in all its glory on the title track "New Blood" in the end with its detuned lead with upward descending repeating noise riff. The pedal offers delay and detune functions along with a repeating upward and downward setting. If your in a Noise band or like unique sounding leads this pedal is a must. Check out this demo here >>>> #PedalMonday #FuzzEvil #EarthQuakerDevices #RainbowMachine #NewBlood #GuitarPedals #Proguitarshopdemos

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