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Happy Pedal Monday! Today's Pedal is The Mountain by Frost Giant Electronics

Ever since the conception of Fuzz Evil I have always been a huge Pro Co Rat fan. I used it on most of the songs on our debut record. I modded it with the LM308 chip, and tone upgrade. Unfortunately I ended up trading it for some vinyl cost for our first record. Ironically the creator of this pedal Eric Calvert was also the guitarist from the Texas band Switchblade Jesus that we did a split with for Ripple Music/s Second Coming of Heavy Collection (Listen Here)>>>

The Mountain has to be one of the greatest takes on The Rat Pedal Ever. Eric did a killer job planning this pedal out. I love the variations you can get with the voicing feature that allows you to toggle between silicon and hybrid setting to dial in just what you looking for. All in All this pedal is a must have if your a fan of the Rat. Who knows maybe someday we might see The Mountain make and appearance in a Fuzz Off Episode.....

Go listen to the full demo here>>>>

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