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Happy Pedal Monday! Today's Pedal is The Walrus Audio Melee!

When I started Pedal Monday, I wanted to search for Internet for the most innovative and original guitar pedals I could find. Walrus Audio's is no exception. The Pedal blends the world of reverb and distortion to create post-rock/Shoegaze wet dream. Oh did I mention it uses what seems to be a Atari Joystick to move up and down for more or less distortion or left or right to control the wet level of reverb. You can also combine a variety of combinations to get just the right flavor for you. Very Cool pedal! I think retail goes for 299$ on Sweetwater. . If you wanted to hear this thing in action the guys at did a killer demo. Check it out! #WalrusAudio #Meleeguitarpedal #PedalMonday #FuzzEvil #Guitarpedals #Guitardemo

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