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It's All About That FUZZ

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Wayne doesn't just like Fuzz, he's super nerdy about it too. Check out these videos below, and read about Wayne and his Fuzz addiction.

Zombie Effects Lab

When I was little, I used to watch my dad fix electronics all the time. Some of my fondest memories were taking broken electronics apart with my dad and repairing them. In 2013, I decided to build my own fuzz pedal. I made a unique clone of the Colorsound one-knob fuzz. The process taught me so much about different fuzz circuits. I eventually found the exact tone I was looking for, and I used a series of parallel clipping germanium diodes to create a smooth clipping tone similar to a cranked amp. I had my good friend Rudy Flores do the art for the "Doom Treader". I think it came out pretty cool. I wanna say I only made about 20 of these. I did end up getting a few really good pedal demos from Gearmandude and Dennis Kayzer

I also have spent some time buying and testing lots of different pedals. Below are some of the pedal demos/reviews I've done.

Stomp Under Foot: Demogorgon

This was a pedal review I got to do for Stomp Under Foot. He had a limited time release of the Demogorgon pedal that was a awesome rework of his version of the classic Green Russian Muff Fuzz. This pedal has a really great sound. I would love to do more reviews for Matt at Stomp Under Foot. If only I could get my hands on his Silver Foxx and Electric Warlord Pedal.

Stone Fly Effects Stone Skull

I always love the work that Mark does at Stonefly Effects. The artwork and quality in each build really comes through in each pedal, making them a real fuzz lovers collector piece. I believe this pedal was a take on a old classic Fuzz Face. It was loaded with some real nice germanium transistors that broke up real well.

Stone Fly PDf 2

If I could recommend one pedal to be on everyone's pedal board it would have to be the PDF 2. They initially hooked me in when I heard that Josh Homme used the original pdf on some songs. After playing the pedal I realized its true potential. This pedal is a very transparent pedal. You can stack it with any pedal or amp to beef up or add need tone without sacrificing the original tone . I can't say enough about this pedal, You can grab one at Stone Deaf's page.

Game Changer Audio: Plasma Pedal

OMG what a cool pedal! I saw there was this company, Game changer Audio was having a Gofundme for a fuzz, and I couldn't give them my money fast enough. The pedal was real pricey on the Gofundme. I wanna say it was close to 300$. I have to say, this pedal was worth every penny. It has one of the most cool sounding velcro sputtering fuzzes out there. I used it a bunch on our upcoming new record, New Blood, to be released on July 7th, 2023. Jack White did a collaboration with Gamechanger for the Plasma pedal, and took its awesomeness even further. I think you can grab one on his page at thirdmanrecords

Stonefly Effects Two-Headed Werewolf

This is hands down of the the best pedals I have ever played First off, let me say, this thing came in a velvet fucking bag!!!. Any pedal that comes in velvet bag gets a win in my book. Huge Gain on this pedal. I love that it gives you a heavy ripping fuzz on one channel and a gnarly gated octave up fuzz on the other channel. I used the pedal on our song "Flighty Woman"

Subscribe to Fuzz Evil's youtube channel for more pedal reviews, episodes of Fuzz Off, and to hear our upcoming album "New Blood" when it drops this summer!

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