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New Album "New Blood" for 2023 Release

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Fuzz Evil is almost finished with a new album, set to release in 2023!

Wayne and Joey Rudell in the recording studio

Throughout 2022, we've been working on a new album that we've decided to call "New Blood". Something different and unique. We sat down and wrote a whole album of material. As of December 2022, we are putting the final touches on the album. From the way it looks, we are going to be releasing 13-14 songs on this one. Taking our time has really given us the opportunity to write something special, and allows us build a listening experience over a what is shaping up to be a 60min release. The name "New Blood" came from a mixture of different ideas, which we will get into in a later post. However, it really does perfectly encapsulate what this album has to offer.

Recording the "High on You" album with Paul Fig out at his studio and at Dave Grohl's 606 was quite an experience. (which we discussed in a previous post here.) Although Joey has always dabbled in recording, the experience with Paul was an inspiration to really dig in and learn the ins and outs of recording and mixing. This new album has taken a lot of time, but it has given us the chance to sit down with these songs and really figure out what we want. We have been playing with unique ways to record, and we have been working on capturing a sound that that has never been heard before.

Right now, we are working on building out the art for the album, preparing video content, and planning the release cycle. Stay tuned and we'll share more over the next couple months in preparation for a release in the summer of 2023!

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